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Urban Accents Six Pack Popcorn Seasoning

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These seasonings are not just for popcorn.  Use them to spice up popcorn, French fries, vegetables, pasta, salad, eggs, and more. 

Buttery Caramel: The sweet taste of an autumn snack… any time of the year!

Cracked Pepper Asiago: A sophisticated blend of Italian cheese flavor and smoky pepper makes your freshly-made popcorn utterly delicious… just shake it on and start munching!

Cheezy White Cheddar: For maximum munchability…add this all-natural white cheddar cheese topping to your freshly-made popcorn for those movie night adventures.

Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn: Craving this traditional carnival popcorn at home… add our old-fashioned popcorn seasoning to freshly-made popcorn and start munching! 

Sizzlin' Spicy Sriracha: For maximum munchability with the ultimate kick of spice… shake this naturally flavored topping on to your freshly-made popcorn!

Tangy Dill Pickle: Tangy garlic & herb flavor… an adult way to dress up popcorn!