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Huckleberry Haven Wild Huckleberry Champagne Jelly


That is right, delicious Wild Huckleberry Jelly with a bit of Champagne. Contains a small amount of champagne. Smooth texture makes a great treat on muffins and pancakes.

                                             Made in the USA

the most prized of all wild berries, are plump purple berries that grow wild in the Rocky Mountains. The berries have never successfully been commercially grown and therefore must be handpicked one by one deep in the mountains. Huckleberries are favorite of the bears and consequently are adventurous to pick. This wilderness factor and scrumptious taste make huckleberries a true delicacy.

Ingredients: wild huckleberry juice, sugar, corn syrup, champagne, pectin, citric acid. 

Net. Wt. 5 oz.