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Dean Jacobs Bread Dipping Set


Start your favorite Italian or any meal off with this tasty bread dipping set.  You'll enjoy your bread dipped into flavored olive oil   This set includes 4 shallow porcelain saucers and 4 different seasoning blends to tempt your taste buds. The special divided jar contains 1 ounce of each of the following seasonings: Tuscany Blend with sundried tomatoes and basil, Parmesan Blend with roasted garlic and cheese, Rosa Maria Blend with rosemary and garlic, and Sicilian Blend with bell peppers and onion. Directions for infusing the oil are included, and the saucers are dishwasher safe. 

Sicilian Blend Nt. wt. 1 oz.,  Rosa Maria Nt. wt. 1 oz.,                                                          Parmesan Blend Nt. wt. 1 oz., Tuscany Blend Net. wt.  1 oz.