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Urban Accents Latin Food Truck Style Seasonings


This Latin Food Truck seasoning variety pack  has all the flavors you love to cook with.  The perfect way to make easy and delish meals in minutes.

Baja Shrimp: Latin infused chili lime blend. Tangy and lightly spicy. Net Wt. 1 oz.

Brazilian Style Churrasco: Red and green hatch chili peppers infuse meat or veggies with slightly spicy & herby flavor.  Net Wt. 1 oz.

Tacos Al Pastor: Tangy pineapple and herbs create sweet & savory pork chops

Tangy Adobo Burrito Bow: Chili infused Latin flavor for shredded chicken & bell peppers.  Net Wt. 1 oz.

Small batch crafted  Gluten Free