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PS Seasoning Make Your Own German Style Sausage Kit Seasonings and Casings


Make unbelievably great-tasting sausage at home with our complete German-Style Sausage kit. With four generations of sausage makers, a certified master meat crafter on staff, and endless tried-and-true recipes under our belts, we can show you how to crank out homemade sausage like the pros do. This kit has everything you need to make authentic, homemade German Sausage:

it is suggested you use lean pork or mix of wild game and lean pork

Seasoning & Casing are precisely measured for 25 lbs. of meat. 

Made in the USA

Ingredients:  salt, sugar, spices, monosodium glutamate, with BHA (0.04%), BHT(0.03%)(propyl gallate (0.3%)and citric acid added to protect flavor