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PS Seasoning Maple Jalapeno Jerky Kit

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These make your own jerky kits have everything you need to make delicious homemade jerky. With pre-measured seasoning, cure and instructions, all you need is the meat. 

Each jerky kit includes seasoning & cure precisely measured for 15lbs of meat.  These kits are B.Y.O.M (Bring your own meat) and work great with both domestic and wild game. Moreover they include instructions for ground meat method, whole muscle meat method, conventional oven, dehydrator and smokehouse method along with storage tips.

Made in the USA

Maple Jalapeno Jerky Kit

Ingredients (Seasoning): cane sugar, salt, jalapeno peppers*, spices, maple syrup*, hydrolyzed soy protein dextrose, natural flavors, yeast extract, modified food starch.

* Dried

Allergens: Soy

Ingredients (Cure): salt, sugar, brown sugar, maple sugar, sodium nitrite, glycerine, less than 2% silicon dioxide