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Iguana Gold Island Pepper Sauce


All Killer - No Filler    Hot Spicy and full of flavor

Iggy, our reptillian product development guru, returned from a trip thru Barbados and the West Indies with the most peculiar souvenirs.

Besides the white Panama hat that now festoons his hard noggin’, he’s suddenly taken to wearing a lot of heavy gold jewelry, ala Señor “T”. We’re not quite sure what sort of mischief he stumbled into while sailing his sloop through Dragon’s Mouth Straights but he did manage to get lucky at the tables and bring back the best damn Bajan style pepper sauce this side’a Bridgetown.

Throw on 'Bout Everything

No artificial colors or flavors

Ingredients: water, cayenne peppers 8%, cane sugar, carrots, onions, salt, cucumbers, vinegar, habanero peppers 2%, modified corn starch, mustard seeds, turmeric & other spices, garlic powder and ascorbic acid (vitamin c)