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Fat Bastard Big Apple Jacked Marinade and Baste


This tasty marinade and baste  is a winning combination creating  Gourmet Hot Apple Habanero & Whiskey sauce. Your taste buds will be wanting more and so will you.

Winner of Ten awards and several ribbons.

Ingredients: red tart apples apple cider vinegar, corn syrup, mustard, brown sugar, sugar, honey, worcestershire, natural smoke flavor, aged bourbon, dried onion, habanero, jalapeno peppers, spices, dried garlic, molasses, turmeric, natural and artificial flavors, anchovies, tamarind, salt, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, xathan gum.

Allergens: worchestershire (soy), anchovy (fish)

Net Wt. 12 Fl. Oz