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Eden Foods Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Mochi


Six high energy pieces of Mochi. Quick. Easy. Tasty - for versatile power, pan sizzle with a little oil and plate with drops of shoyu. Potent satisfaction, rejuvenating food, 

 Steam pounded sweet brown rice

Gluten free, whole grain

To Cook: 

Pan fry two sides w/ or w/o oil covered, low heat until puffed 

Bake at 450°F 8 to 10 minutes until puffed, Cube or slice and deep-fry until golden and puffed. Cube, cook and add to soups or stews as dumplings. Slice in half lengthwise and melt in a waffle iron until golden Grate in place of cheese for soups, quesadilla, lasagna, etc. Cook and dip in 50/50 mix of shoyu and water. Cook, wrap in nori, soy sauce dip, and eat as a sandwich, Cook, dip in hot maple syrup and roll in chopped roasted nuts

Grate for wheat free pizza crust, pancakes, to thicken soups