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Blue Skies Bakery Cardamom Coconut Granola Last Chance

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We are a family-owned bakery located in the beautiful Cascade Mountains of southern Washington State. We enjoy an honest day's work making delicious fresh, healthy granolas for your home. Our granola blends are hand built in small batches using local and organic ingredients, and packaged with care so that they arrive to you tasting as vibrant and home baked as when they came out of our ovens.                               

                  Small Batch Granola    Honest Ingredients    Quality Granolas  

                                     Fair Wages    Community Involvement

Ingredients: Organic oats, organic honey, organic sunflower oil, unsulphured barbados molasses, organic coconut, organic oat bran, organic ground flax, organic vanilla, organic sesame seeds, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic nutmeg, organic ginger

Net wt. 12 oz.